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Yes, Mark Rasmussen is litterally a giant in Marketing and IT
Work is not fun and games, but it sure helps when it seems that way.

A literal giant within marketing and information technology, Mark Rasmussen is the founder of More 2 Marketing and brings over eighteen years of experience to this project.

In his day job, Mark runs IT operations for Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning.  Four Seasons is a 500+ employee $75 million a year service company supporting the greater Chicago-land area.

At Four Seasons, Mark has helped fill voids as needed.  Outside of IT, Mark was the interim Marketing and Advertising Manager, handing the department back after 6 months during which he restructured the department and revamped campaign tracking.  Mark has also spear-headed the building of a Web services department and several other web initiatives.

One particular success was in SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)  After a particularly bad experience with an outside vendor, Mark took over SEO until a suitable replacement company could be found.  Due to his success, the company saw traffic to its site rise from approximately 66,000 visitors to over 214,000 per year in little over 3 years.  This growth occurred in a sector where customers had not been known to rely on the web, and helped Four Seasons grow despite the recession and negative pressure on the industry at that time.  Due to Mark’s success, this “temporary” assignment was handed off to the company’s new internal web team.

In the past, Mark has worked primarily in IT, but with a broad range of industry exposure.  He has worked at a heavily team-oriented marketing firm as well as in the Aerospace, Banking, and Education sectors.  Within IT, Mark focuses primarily on infrastructure, data mining, and data analysis.

Mark has a bachelor’s degree from Elmhurst College with an emphasis in Computer Science and is presently pursuing his MBA through Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.


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