Basics of an Advertising campaign

Effectiveness of Advertising campaigns
Advertising needs to grab your attention and engage you to act.

In any advertising campaign, there are two components: the message you wish to convey and a vehicle you use to drive traffic to your message.  You need both to work well, but more importantly, they have to work well together, with your product.

An example
You turn to your Advertising agency and give them directions to develop a great, eye-catching billboard and get it in front of people!  They create a great message and stunning billboard and pay to get the billboard on the busiest streets in each of the major cities across the country.

You get great visibility but really don’t see much impact on sales.  What happened?

You might notice I did not mention who the audience was.  If the product is your new harvester, and your target audience is rural America, then you used a great vehicle to drive visibility and had a stunning billboard, but your target audience never saw this ad.

While this example sounds rather contrived, this issue happens every day in many little ways, often times in areas where business owners are not actively considering.

Take a company’s website, many business pay SEO (search engine optimization) and/or PPC (pay per click) companies to give their website greater visibility.  However, few of these SEO/PPC companies take the time to understand what their customer’s needs are.  They can be outright resistant to letting company owners’ see or understand what exactly they are doing.

For some companies, they are just trying to protect their trade secrets; for others, they do not want to be held accountable.  Distinguishing between the companies who are helping your bottom line and those who are looking for a paycheck is the owners responsibility.


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